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Personal field gear, tactical nylon manufacturers, load carrying systems, NSN's; you name it and we hope to chronicle it! The Field Gear Wiki is an attempt to organize a comprehensive database of accurate modern and historical information concerning military loadouts.

What is Field Gear?Edit

Since the dawn of war men and woman have armed themselves with the tools to better accomplish their military goals. Whether it takes the form of a weapon, medicine, clothing, or more; modern armies have attempted to perfect and provide the best tools of war to their conscripts. Our interest, here at The Field Gear Wiki, is in the details of such military loadouts and even individual items from the perspective of historians, collectors, and reenactors.

It is our goal to organize a comprehensive database of accurate modern and historical information concerning military kit using the knowledge and resources of individuals versed in various military topics. While our initial focus is on modern military field gear, we hope that as this wiki expands, experts of past wars will also contribute to our collective database. Eventually, we may even be able to look back to the Napoleonic War to discover what the Emperor's private guard was equipped with; or what gear the armies of Babylon wielded!

Neutrality Stance Edit

The staff at the Field Gear Wiki, pledges to keep our articles politically neutral concerning both ongoing and past military conflicts. This is a wiki about soldiers, military, and most importantly their equipment; we are not a source for core history about conflicts nor a political entity. Therefore we will all do our best to remain neutral and focus on fact.

Personal Security Edit

Personal Security (Persec) is used to protect the lives, private information, photos, etc of military members and their families. As such, compromising persec is not tolerated on this wiki; whether it be the United States OR it's enemies. All photos of soldiers, excluding those from 1970 or earlier, must follow the following rules:

  • Obtain written permission from the individuals pictured.
  • Insert solid black boxes over individually identifying patches, call-signs, name-tapes, faces, tattoos, etc.
  • Do not post contact or social media information for military personnel.
  • Only post photos taken in nondescript locations.
  • Opsec: Do not post any information that may place current military assets in danger.
  • Remove any photos of an individual at request of that individual.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO CLASSIFIED INFORMATION or information that has not been legally released.

Editors who knowingly break these rules will have their editing right revoked. Editors who accidentally break these rules will also have their rights revoked but may be given leeway depending on seniority and quality of past contributions.

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Modern Ballistic Plate Carrier patent image.